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We proudly claim to be specialist in Linux Web Hosting. Our plan offerings offer you the most namely because:

We have our own Linux Servers. We are NOT RESELLERS.
Our servers are deployed at World's largest privately held data center - The Planet
Our servers are optimally configured you to provide with best in class performance.
We also have a Dedicated MySQL Server delivering top notch performance. For details click here
We provide with as many PHP libraries to the extent possible.
Also as addons we provide JSP/Tomcat and Ruby on Rails hosting.
We strive to provide +99.9% service level uptime guarantee.

Please find below a chart of various offerings provided by us. We have four Linux Hosting packages:
Bronze, Silver-2, Gold-3 and Diamond-4.

Plans Bronze Silver-2 Gold-3 Diamond-4
Hostings Allowed 1 2 3 4
Space 1000 mb 2000 mb 3000 mb Unlimited
Data Transfer 10 gb/month 20 gb/month 30 gb/month 40 gb/month
Control Panel CPanel CPanel CPanel CPanel
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarding
Webmail Access
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Stats
PHP Support (5.2.x)
PERL Support
Ruby on Rails
JSP/Servlet Support Additional Additional Additional Additional
Price Yearly Rs. 2000/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 4000/- Rs. 8000/-
  linux hosting linux hosting linux hosting linux hosting

1. All rates mentioned above are in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified.
2. We have a strict anti-spam policy.
3. Unlimited features are subject to the limits imposed by technical limitations and reasonable use.
4. Upgrades can be done from one package to an another package by paying the prorated difference (including the current month) or Rs.200/- whichever is more.
5. In multi accounts hostings there will be only one control panel.
6. If you need SSL, you use server's default certificate. This will be a shared certificate. If you want your own certificate, you'll need a separate IP for it. This will cost you Rs.1000/- per year flat. Additionally you'll also need to buy the certificate. To learn more about SSL, visit Thawte's or InstalSSL's website. We'll charge no setup fee to install SSL certificate for your website.
7. You can make your emails go through a spam filtering software called Spam Assassin. This feature you have to enable manually. Please contact us for more info about it. Being a third party software, we take no responsibility with respect to its effectiveness or for any actions resulting from its usage.
8. Domain Keys and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) can be enabled on request without any extra charges. These measures help in sending outgoing email to various service providers.
9. All these free scripts are third party free scripts. We take no responsibility with respect to their installation and functioning.
10. All hosting accounts are subject to the AUP (Authorize Usage Policy) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).
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