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Wabenzi Infotech offers your business complete end-to-end bulk SMS solutions for developing and deploying real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers. Communicate and send messages to your customers, employees and prospective clients and use this bulk SMS services to grow your business...


» Messages can be sent by Brand/Company (Alphanumeric sender) Name.
» Build your Brand as the Message is sent using a Sender ID / Brand ID specified by you.
» Sender id up to 8 Characters.
» Connectivity Through SMPP/ HTTP
» Our HTTP API is one of the best and the fastest ways to deliver SMS Text messages across India.
» Our gateway can be easily accessed by submitting values to the HTTP API Server by the POST or GET method.
» PHP & ASP.NET, Java codes for your personal Web site integration.
» We support 160 characters length of messages.
» Message scheduling facility.
» Supports Delivery reports.

Number of SMS Marketing Routes Service Routes Critical Routes
Upto 25,000 10 Paise (0.10 INR) 12 Paise (0.12 INR) 15 Paise (0.15 INR)
25,000 -100,000 7 Paise (0.07 INR) 8 Paise (0.08 INR) 9 Paise (0.09 INR)
100,000 -1,000,000 6 Paise (0.06 INR) 7 Paise (0.07 INR) 8 Paise (0.08 INR)
Above 1,000,000 5 Paise (0.05 INR) 6 Paise (0.06 INR) 7 Paise (0.07 INR)

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